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That time I witnessed 2 engineers fight in front of a supplier

They had to be physically separated, in front of the supplier's team watching in disbelief.


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Balance harmony and competition in high performance teams

Achieving harmony and competition in your high-performance team is a delicate balance. Too much...

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How to get engineers build confidence and aim higher

We all crave appreciation, feedback and want to feel noticed. These things make us human, but they...

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PROJECT HANDOVERs ALWAYS FAIL!? That old-fashioned trick always work!

In 2012, I was approached by a large international IT company to get a stalled project team back...
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The 8 Building Blocks of Every High Performance Organisation

When building a house, it starts with forming a solid foundation upon which everything else sits....

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How The Right Type of Conflict Can Boost Team Performance

High performing teams move through five stages of development.  Managing the storming stage — where...

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Controlling Chaos and the Necessity of Order in High-Performance Organisations

Organisations are chaotic systems and employe behaviour is often difficult to predict. Controlling...

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3 Scientifically Proven Keys For Building High Performing Teams

Too many negative interactions can drain energy and creativity from a team, leading to poor...

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