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What I do

I help leaders transform groups of talented people into strong, cohesive working units
Improve both your processes and the way your people behave when they are under stress
Lead your people to show the best work of their life
Build strong, cohesive teams that hyper perform under any circumstance
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Is your organisation struggling to reach high performance for any of these reasons?

Your organisation is stagnating

and even though you have brilliant people, deadlines are rarely met and goals are never exceeded

There is a general lack of trust

between hierarchical levels, between departments and even among colleagues of the same team

Managers don't take responsibility

complain rather than bringing solutions, play the blame game and hide behind procedures

There is no sense of urgency

Nobody seems to take the problem seriously or understand it

There is too much tension and politics

Everybody has their own idea of what should be done and ends-up spending more time debating and arguing than actually working

You have tried everything

from improving your processes to redefining your mission and company vision and hiring promising managers but nothing works

With Bert on your side, you'll develop the skills and strategies you need to lead your people to produce exceptional work in any situation



to transform a group of talented people into a strong, cohesive working unit

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I start with 1-on-1 interviews with all members of the team and a deep analysis of the interactions in the team to identify personalities and behaviour under stress

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Then, we align the needs, ideas and thoughts of each individual with the vision and goals of the organisation.

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Next, we activate the team performance and potential by taking small solid steps (no quantum leaps)

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Finally, we accelerate the performance of the team to reach the company goals much faster

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Make your organisation stronger and able to handle any pothole

Exceed your goals, and be impressed by your team's achievements

Set your employees' hearts racing with a challenging, exciting and rewarding work environment

Become the envy of your competitors and impress your clients by reaching new heights in your industry

Bert has worked with more than 100 companies, in 10 countries over 13 years









What Bert's clients are saying

I had the privilege of working with Bert in two different companies and I saw a great impact every time.

Bert has supported me grow both personally and professionally. I value him as a spearheading partner and coach as well as a bridge-builder in challenging situations.

Bert has guided us at TRIQ through the entire process of developing a strong foundation of the company with a common vision, mission, and values. It can already be said today: with success.
Boris Manhart
CEO at TRIQ Triathlon
Bert has worked with our team in a recruitment and a high performance coaching capacity. His approach has allowed us to develop the team and bring real focus in how to work together better.

I would strongly recommend any team with a focus on high performance in fast moving environments to work with Bert

His insight, manner and way of working has been very well received by all members of our team and we look forward to using him more throughout our organisation
Robbie Hughes
Founder & CEO at Lumeon
Bert has proven to be a highly competent executive coach. He is goal oriented, he has excellent profiling skills and managed to identify opportunities to improve and unlock valuable competencies and talents.

Relevant results were realised during the coaching trajectory. He helped to maximise the output.His corporate / industry background and his training as a physicist was a good fit with my background and work.

I highly recommend Bert as a coach.
Arthur Franken
General Partner at Gilde Healthcare
Christiaan Neeleman Discovery Life Science
What most impressed me in my experience with Bert is the thorough analysis of team interaction, based on structured one-on-one interviews with all members of the management team, and the group dynamics analysis using video. This points out exactly where the gaps are to become a high-performing team.

Under the right conditions (read: if the leader is willing to change), dramatic and sustaining improvement in team effectiveness was possible; and the team became self-coaching.
Pres. Global Tissue Biomarker at Discovery Life Science

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